Advanced digital imaging equipment for large scale graphics

Flatbed Printing

We have some of the most advanced digital printing equipment available today, including Eco-friendly Cool LED UV flatbed printing capabilities on nearly any flat stock media up to 2” thick and 126.5” wide.  We create very unique and visually interesting custom graphics and signage on a wide range of innovative materials.

~ Make Your Brand Unmistakable

Large Format Printing

Large scale graphics require expert design and planning, advanced specialty equipment and flawless application. Vista Color Imaging will help you make a bold, large scale graphic statement to your customers that they will remember. We specialize in large scale tradeshow booth graphics, wall murals, window graphics, indoor and outdoor building signs and graphics, exhibits and more.

~ Bring Your Brand to Life


Vista produces visually brilliant, high quality, fabric imaging for many applications, directly onto a variety of media. Printing can be on materials up to 100” wide, for SEG (silicone edged graphics) uses like retail POP and all kinds of exhibits, both front-lit and rear-lit applications.  Vista can also supply the hardware systems, or match to your existing system.  Dye-sub printed fabrics can be used for banners, bannerstands, flags, pop up displays, pennants and more.  Wow your clients with beautiful life-like graphics that represent your brand in the best way possible.

~ Be Creative


Vista Color Imaging, Inc. has continued to expand its broad array of graphic offerings to go beyond the variety of standard fabric graphics to now offer a complete solution for the highly versatile line of SEG graphics. Beautiful fabric graphics, trimmed to include a sewn-in silicone “bead” or strip, are then displayed by inserting the silicone strip into the edge of the channel in a metal frame. This creates a virtually frame-less image. Image size and composition are limited only by your imagination, and include illuminated “backlit” options, too.

Vista will supply the complete solution, or as in many cases, provide new graphics and bead to be used in previously purchased frame systems. Vista stocks beads that are compatible with the major systems currently in use.  Ask us about it today!

~ Be Unique

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